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WriteCheck has partnered with the leading tutoring service in the education industry, Pearson Tutor Services (PTS), to help students improve their writing. Get in-depth feedback from an expert tutor on the strengths and weaknesses of your writing. Receive step-by-step guidance to make your writing even better.

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Individualized critique of your writing

Get advanced help with your writing.

  • PTS will provide a customized critique of your paper with special attention to the assignment and audience.
  • You will receive detailed feedback in the response form, addressing areas of concern, followed by step-by-step directions for revision.
  • Tutors also embed 3-5 comments within the text of your paper.
  • You will typically receive feedback within 12 hours. (See turnaround time during holidays.)

Proven results to increase student success and confidence in writing

The PTS method is research-based and proven to increase student success and confidence in writing. PTS tutors:

  • Go through an intensive training process in which they learn the best practices for online writing instruction.
  • Are trained to address middle school, secondary, and post-secondary level writing.
  • Are prepared to offer help with nearly any type of writing project: argument, narrative, and descriptive essays, research papers, creative writing pieces, career writing, and more.
  • Have advanced degrees in composition and rhetoric, literature, creative writing, and other relevant fields within the humanities.
  • Teach students the principles of good writing to apply to future writing projects.


Customer Reviews

Both my confidence and grade improved after using your tutoring service. Your “value added” service helped to show my teacher that I could perform at a graduate level.
— Julie Anderson Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
I found it very helpful, and the feedback definitely helped me improve my paper. After making the suggested revisions to my paper, I received very high marks allowing me to earn a distinction in the course.
— Mara El Sabeh, Italy Open University
Comments on organization of my paper was very helpful and the critique came back quickly, which I very much appreciate. I got an A on my paper! So thank you!
— Carly

Which tutoring package is right for me?

Standard Critique

Submit your paper for a standard critique if it is 2,500 words (up to approximately 10 pages).

The critique will address three areas of concern and provide a comprehensive overview of what you should do to make the most substantial improvements when you revise your paper.

Download Sample Standard Critique


Extended Critique

Submit your paper for an extended critique if it is up to 5,000 words (up to approximately 20 pages).

This critique will also address four areas of concern and provide a comprehensive overview of what you should do to make the most substantial improvements as you revise your paper.

Download Sample Extended Critique



Key Areas of Concern: Main Idea/Thesis, Content Development, Organization, Introduction/Conclusion, Use of Resources, Transitions, Word Choice, Sentence Structure, or Grammar & Mechanics

*Please note that should you submit a longer essay, our tutors, while still providing substantial feedback, may not be able to review your entire document.

Please use the "Instructions for Tutor" box to direct the tutor in case you wish the tutor to review specific pages of your submission.

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